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Changing The Way You Experience Alaska

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Private Experiential Adventures (one client/one guide) for exploring the remotest regions of Alaska by air that is videotaped for you! Let us create a legacy video of you on your Immersive Private Elite Air Adventure.


Bespoke experiential expeditions which showcase the most remote parts of Alaska, ideally suited for the solo traveler or up to 2 adventurers (using two airplanes). The unique itineraries explore regions of wild and untouched landscape only accessible by air and rarely, if ever, visited by travelers.

Itineraries are curated based on the number of days, regions of interest and seasonal access. Trips range from exploring Interior, Western, and Arctic Alaska for Fly Fishing adventures, as well as Caribou Migration tours and Polar Bear viewing.


All men, and most women, have one nagging question; "Do I have what it takes?" 

What do you want your life experiences to say about who you are?

What exciting stories do you have to tell your family, friends, coworkers and clients?

Are you ready to satisfy your primal craving for adventure and seeing new country?

It is way past time to write a new chapter in your life story! 


I landed our Piper PA-18 Super Cub on a sand spit on Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean). The sea ice with giant pressure ridges can be seen in the background


An unnamed mountain peak in the heart of the Brooks Range

There are experiences in life that are written in indelible ink on our minds which change our lives forever.  Let us design an epic one for you.

I look forward to exploring Alaska with you, watching your stress melt away and your heart soar!  


Hulahula River Valley in the Brooks Range is the historic migration route and calving grounds of the Porcupine Caribou Herd

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