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Caribou Migration Tour


Trip Details

I want you to stop reading this for just a moment as you try to visualize in your mind’s eye up to 270,000 caribou all moving in the same general direction in their annual migration...Mind boggling doesn't even begin to describe it. One time, on a beautiful fall day, I found myself, quite by "accident", right in the middle of a caribou migration.  I was directly in their path!  It was the Nelchina Caribou Herd.  They were pouring around me on both sides. Some were so close that I could hear their breathing and their cloven hooves striking rocks, and the hard ground.  Just their footsteps, their breathing, and the sounds they made communicating with each other was astounding to hear as about 7,000 animals went by me in the scattered trees. I stood next to a spruce tree in complete awe of what I was experiencing.  If I live to be 200 years old I will always remember that.  

The three main herds that you can experience: 

  • The 40 Mile Caribou Herd is estimated and 70,000 animals.  During the fall they migrate to their winter range in the central part of eastern Alaska and western Yukon Territory, Canada.  In the spring they migrate back west to their calving grounds in central Alaska north of Delta Junction and Tok, Alaska

  • ​The Porcupine Caribou Herd is estimated to be 220,000 head.  Their calving grounds and summer grounds are on the treeless Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  ANWR is located on the eastern portion of the vast North Slope, north of the Arctic Circle, north of the Brooks Range and east of Deadhorse 

  • The Western Arctic Caribou Herd is estimated at staggering 270,000 head!  Covers 157,000 square miles (about the size of California).  Their Calving Grounds and summer grazing area is on the North Slope of the Brooks Range on the western end (towards the Bering Sea).  This is the second largest land mammal migration in the world!

​ Another exciting part of all of your Private Air Adventure is fly fishing in the most pristine and productive waters on earth.

And you will receive a professionally filmed and edited legacy video of your extraordinary adventure to show family, friends, and colleagues.

            "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1

There are experiences that are written in indelible ink on our minds which change our lives forever…Let us design an epic one for you. 

​The Fine Print:

Number of Guests We Can Accommodate:  One or Two. For added safety, and to make your adventure much more comfortable, we always take two airplanes on every adventure, whether it is for one guest or two. Both airplanes depart and arrive at the destinations at the same time.  Two Pilot/Guides, two Super Cubs, for either one or two guests! (Currently we take a maximum of two guests per trip).

​Length of Trip: Seven days, not counting your arrival and departure dates

Dates Available:  From May through October

​Lodging--Arrival/Departure:  A one night stay at your arrival and departure destination in Fairbanks is included in the cost.  We will make the reservations for you at a very nice hotel

Lodging Options During Your Private Guided Air Adventure:   You can choose to stay in our luxury tent camp that we carry in the airplane or at a lodge or hotel.  (We will make the reservations for you. We do not mark up the cost and we receive no kickbacks from the lodge.)  Our tent camp includes your own private tent, a very comfortable cot and a sleeping pad.  We can even furnish the sleeping bag if you so desire

You can choose any combination of the tent camp and lodge or hotel stay that you desire.  So if the weather gets marginal and you decide that the lodge is the best option for you on any given night we will fly you back to the lodge for the night. The choice is yours every day.  We do not mark up the cost and we receive no kick backs from the lodge or hotel

​Hygiene While Camping:  We carry a small portable hot water shower in the airplane along with a portable shower stall, and a wash basin with hot water. We also set up a portable toilet with a privacy enclosure.

Meals—Tent Camp:  All meals prepared at our luxury tent camps are included in the cost (alcohol is not included).  Breakfast is usually eggs, breakfast meat, cereal, oatmeal or pancakes.  Lunch is sometimes Fresh Caught Fish (off the fly rod and onto the grill kind of fresh) grilled on the shore where you (or your guide) caught them, or Smoked Alaska Salmon, or a Moose Burger and homemade bread.  For the evening meal we usually grill Wild Alaska Salmon, Halibut, Caribou, Moose, or Fresh Caught Fish, along with serving vegetables.  However, if you are a vegetarian or have any food allergies we can tailor the menu to fit your needs. 

​Other Meals: Taken at restaurants or lodges are for our guests account and expense

​Cost:  Call +1-907-414-1406 for pricing. We accept Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Personal or Company Checks. (Debit & Credit Card transactions will be charged an additional 3.5% to cover processing fees)

Terms:  50% down to hold your reservation.  (50% refund for cancellations made 60 days prior to your arrival date).  Balance (50%) is due 60 days prior to your arrival date.

                Call us now to discuss and book your Private Alaska Caribou Migration Experience.  +1-907-414-1406

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