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Come Explore Alaska With Us on a
Private Elite Immersive Adventure

There are less than 1,100 miles of main highway (not counting city streets and roads) in the entire state of Alaska which is two and a half times larger than Texas.  In fact the entire western half of Alaska has no roads. 

So if you want to see the part of Alaska that visitors never see…you have to take an airplane.  We offer you extraordinary Private guided Explore Alaska air adventures that are professionally videotaped and edited for you.  We take you to places in Alaska that only a very tiny handful of people have ever been.  In fact the vast majority of Alaskan’s have never been to some of the places you will experience.  And you will receive your own professionally filmed and edited video of your extraordinary Private Explore Alaska Adventure to show family, friends, and colleagues.


We have exciting news for you!  We can now take two people on any of our Explore Alaska private air adventures.  Now when you want to share your Explore Alaska private air adventure with someone we can make that happen.  We still maintain our exclusive one pilot/guide to one client policy, but we now use two Super Cubs (airplanes) traveling together!   You can choose which pilot you want to fly with on any day of your epic adventure.

All of our Explore Alaska private air adventures are one guide for each client. The pilot is also your guide. We offer several Private Explore Alaska adventure packages which are detailed below.  It will be the most rewarding, exciting, and magnificent adventure that you have ever had! All profits go to an anti poaching and child rescue mission in Africa.  This makes it a win for everyone!


 You know as well as I do that something deep and primal inside is calling you to explore whatever is beyond the horizon.


Explore Alaska is a very small company, three people and two airplanes.  And that is exactly why we can offer you unsurpassed personal service.  There is no “press one to speak with fill in the blank”.  One of us answers the phone.  We are the people with all of the experience so we can answer all of your questions.  And because we are a small business with two airplanes you can easily understand why there is a very limited number of the Private Elite Adventures available every year.  So our advice to you is this:  Take the leap, make the phone call right now, ask us all the questions that you have, and book a Private Elite Adventure before you have to wait another year or more for an opening.  We look forward to talking with you and serving you on your Private Elite Adventure.  Call us right now!  +1-907-414-1406


“Go now. Why now? Because there will never be a time that is just right.”  Randy McKinney

Arctic Alaska

  14 days, available in the spring, summer and fall

Interior Alaska

Seven (7) days, available in the spring, summer and fall


Western Alaska

14 days-Available in the spring, summer and fall

Wrangell-Saint Elias 

National Park

12 days--Available in the spring, summer, fall and early winter


Experience It All

A 21 day Private Guided Alaska Adventure. Available in the spring, summer and fall

The Caribou Migration Experience

A 7 Day Adventure. Available during the fall & spring migrations


The Polar Bear Experience

An Exciting 14 day Adventure

Available in the early spring

Survival School

Seven and 14 day Programs During Summer and Winter 

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