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Alaska, The Last Frontier…just the name causes images to appear in your mind’s eye of glaciers stretching on farther than your eye can see; giant grizzly bear; packs of marauding wolves; the third most prominent and third most isolated peak on Earth, Mt McKinley (Denali); the elusive wolverine that very few people have ever seen; the wily lynx; migrating herds of caribou numbering in the tens of thousands; polar bear; the northern lights; a wild and untouched landscape covering 663,300 square miles; and a very small population of hardy, bold and unfettered people who call it home.

A Private Guided Adventure

We are the only company in the world that offers Private Experiential Adventures for exploring the remotest regions of Alaska by air that is videotaped for you!  Let us create a legacy video of you on your Immersive Private Elite Air Adventure to show your family, friends, and colleagues, and to pass down to your children and grand children. 

We have a strict one client to one guide policy but recently we have had a lot of requests from people who wanted to take someone with them on these life changing experiences. So now you can share your Private Experiential Air Adventures with someone special.  We brought another Alaska bush pilot on board with his Super Cub and we can now take up to two people at a time on any Experiential Alaska Air Adventure. Both airplanes depart and arrive at the destinations at the same time.  Two pilots, Two Super Cubs, Two Guests!


Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal

of your mind... Romans 12:2

There are the only four real questions that you need to ask yourself: 

1.       Would I rather be looked upon by my family, friends, colleagues and peers as                  just another person that is good at business, or as a world class adventurer?

2.      Would I rather be remembered for the business deals that I closed or by the epic            adventures that I had?

3.      What kind of memories do I want to create for myself?

4.      What stories do I want to tell about my life experiences?

After a Private Experiential Air Adventure with us you will return home with that subtle air of self confidence about you that is only borne of an elite wilderness experience.  “Ordinary” people will pick up on your new aura, even if it is only at a subconscious level, and that changes how they look at you and how they perceive you.  The people that know you will really notice…notice that there is something profoundly new and different about you… about how you walk, how you carry yourself, and conduct your affairs…a person to be reckoned with. And, that is always a good thing (providing that doesn’t go to your head)!

A Valley Full Of Fall Colors
photo-1543953772-c3e819575efd (1).jpg
Full Moon Over The Chugach Mountains

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