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Northern Lights Experience


Trip Details

The Northern Lights is one of the most stunning sights that you will ever see in your entire life!  They are beautiful far beyond what mere words can describe or what even photos or videos can show. Out of the thousands of spectacular display that I have seen in my many years in Alaska, I have seen two very rare displays.  One was the northern lights right in the tree tops about 200 yards away and the other was even rarer.  I saw and experienced them bouncing off the ground all around me!  I was speechless!  What a blessing that was!  Come experience the northern lights in all of the splendor…you will be forever grateful that you did.

We will fly you and one of your friends out to our remote but posh camp far away from any light pollution, where you will live in comfort for your four night stay.  Menus are designed around your dietary needs.  We can provide vegan, dairy free, wheat free, and vegetarian meals.  We also cater to meat eaters with moose, caribou, Alaska wild caught salmon and halibut.  We use organic ingredients when they are available (which is most of the time).

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