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Alaska, The Last Frontier


Just the name causes images to appear in your mind’s eye...


Glaciers stretching on farther than your eye can see; giant grizzly bear; packs of marauding wolves; the third most prominent and third most isolated peak on Earth, Mt McKinley (Denali); the elusive wolverine that very few people have ever seen; the wily lynx; migrating herds of caribou numbering in the tens of thousands; polar bear; the northern lights; a wild and untouched landscape covering 663,300 square miles; and a very small population of hardy, bold and unfettered people who call it home.

Experience The Beauty

We are the only company in the world that offers Private Experiential Air Adventures for exploring the remotest regions of Alaska that is videotaped for you!  Let us create a legacy video of you on your Immersive Private Elite Air Adventure to show your family, friends, and colleagues, and to pass down to your children and grand children. 

We have a strict one guest to one guide policy, however you can take someone special with you.   Using two Piper Super Cubs (airplanes) we can accommodate two people at a time on any Experiential Alaska Air Adventure. Both airplanes depart and arrive at the destinations at the same time.  Two Pilot/Guides, Two Super Cubs, Two Guests!


   Our Piper Super Cub
Your Ride to Adventure


Today everything around us seems so damaged; damaged by the pandemic, social unrest, bitterness, corruption, lock downs, sickness, and this growing polarization of nearly everything in society.  This heartbreaking stress has taken a toll on all of us.  But there is something wonderful growing out of that. I see it growing like a tornado in the hearts and minds of people.  It is this unquenchable, primal desire to get away from their daily routine, this damaged society, and surround themselves with beauty, with wilderness, with animals, with nature, with peace and quiet.  In short, people want to heal their broken hearts.

In order to make any sense of what is going on in the world, to be able to cope with what is happening, a person MUST have more beauty and stillness in their life than stress and heartache.  And we want to help you with that.  I look forward to exploring Alaska with you and seeing your stress melt away and your heart healed! 

There are the only four real questions that you need to ask yourself…and answer them honestly: 


             1.)  How broken is my heart…and does it need healing?

            2.)  How do I want to be remembered… for the business deals that I closed or for the epic adventures                           that I had?

            3.)  What stories do I want to tell about my life experiences?

            4.) How do I want to relate to other people, including my family…from the place of a broken heart, or                        from the place of a heart that has been healed?


After a Private Experiential Air Adventure with us you will return home with that subtle air of self confidence about you that is only borne of a profound wilderness experience and a heart that has been healed.  Other people will pick up on your new aura, even if it is only at a subconscious level, and that will change how they look at you and how they perceive you. The people that know you will really take notice…notice that there is something profoundly new and different about you… about how you walk, how you carry yourself, conduct your affairs, and how you relate to them…from the place in your heart that has been healed.

There are less than 1,100 miles of main highway (not counting city streets) in the entire state of Alaska which is two and a half times larger than Texas.  In fact the entire western half of Alaska has no roads. 



So if you want to see the part of Alaska that visitors never see…you have to take an airplane.  We offer you extraordinary Private Guided Explore Alaska Air Adventures, which are listed below.  We take you to places in Alaska that only a very tiny handful of people have ever been. And you will receive your own professionally filmed and edited legacy video of your Private ExploreAlaska Adventure to show family, friends, and colleagues.

All of our ExploreAlaska Private Air Adventures are one guide for each client. The pilot is also your guide and we offer several Air Adventure packages, which are listed below.  It will be the most rewarding, exciting, and heart healing adventure that you have ever had!

Explore Alaska is a very small company, three people and two airplanes.  And that is exactly why we can offer you unsurpassed personal service.  Because we are a small business with two airplanes you can easily understand why there is a very limited number of the Private Air Adventures available every year. We look forward to talking with you and serving you on your Private Air Adventure. 

You know as well as I do that something deep and primal inside is calling you to explore whatever is beyond the horizon.  So call us now!     +1-907-414-1406

                 All profits go to an anti poaching and child rescue mission in Africa. 

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